Battery Tab Spot Welder for Making Custom Batteries

battery tab

Battery tabs are welded using a spot welder. There are many types of spot welders you can find on the market to weld your tabs. Many of us use custom batteries and to weld a few together to get it into a desired shape or size we need to take it to a welding shop. These days we use cordless vacuums, electric razors, electric scooters, electric bikes, remote control cars, radio-controlled hobby cars and trucks, and power tools. These require batteries to operate.


In the 1960s the move to do always with electrical cords and outlets started and the demand for batteries has continued to grow since then.  There are two sorts of batteries, primary, the ones that cannot be recharged and secondary; the kind that can be recharged. In the past, the batteries were much bigger and heavier. With time they have shrunk in size and become lightweight. Even the power they put out has increased. They are now more powerful and last much longer. This makes them more reliable. In the past, the batteries used to leak and even damage the devices. They used to give out a brown smelling fluid that corroded whatever it touched. One had to not just replace the batteries but the entire device if the leak was not discovered in time. Battery cells were once a great concern in terms of landfills due to their toxic nature. The toxic elements of the primary battery cells were then banned from landfills.


Batteries are an essential part of everyday life. We power various items using the disposable, button and rechargeable batteries. Modern items such as mobile devices use rechargeable batteries. All cell phones and laptops have a battery that we need to recharge every day. We not only use these devices for communications but also entertainment. DVD players, radios, smoke detectors, book readers and GPS units all draw power from batteries. Nonrefundable batteries also used in digital cameras and camcorders. Some of these items may use rechargeable ones as well. Even CCTV cameras can function on battery power these days. If you are living off the grid batteries can help you energize many items at home and work.   Home appliances such as electric carving knives, blenders, hair trimmers, clocks, and various toys and games also run on batteries. Cars, bikes, and boats also start on battery power.

More people like to use secondary batteries as they can be recharged. We need to protect our environment and use the type of things that can preserve it. Batteries that are just thrown away after use need to be avoided as you do not want to contribute to landfill much. Many of us use power tools at construction sites or in the back yard with the help of batteries. With a heavy battery, the tool can get heavier. With lighter batteries, it is easier to work with tools for long durations.  The risk of injury is less when you work with light tools. Heavy tools give you fatigue which can result in an accident. Today many items are powered by battery cells and on the store shelves; you can find several battery shapes and sizes.

To reuse or repurpose the old batteries

To reuse or repurpose the old batteries you need to fix them. For this reason, you will need a fine quality battery tab welder which is a spot welder with a quick weld cycle. The latest capacitive discharge welders are great for welding battery tabs. The technology is not new and has been around for some time. These devices can hold the current and discharge it fast when required. The voltage spikes are often damaging, but not with this welder as it stores the weld energy and releases it fast. You can get the same welds time over again. The welders made by AVIO and Sunstone are the most reliable on the market. There are several models you can choose from. You can get the 100 watt-second capacity with single pulse operation for small jobs and big jobs get the industrial-grade 1000 watt-seconds with single or dual pulse operation welder. With the industrial welder, you can get 2 welds per second. It is used for aerospace welding applications and automotive welding applications besides other applications. These types of welders are great for welding copper, gold, silver, platinum, and wires besides battery tabs.


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